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Daimler Truck AG

With the Mercedes-Benz Truck App, Daimler Truck is setting new standards in product presentation and needs analysis. The solution, developed together with CAS Merlin under the initiative and idea of Daimler Truck AG, makes vehicles configured on tablets tangible for Daimler Truck customers - the optimal support for 3D offer visualization for Daimler Truck salespeople.


Commercial vehicles/automotive/ car dealership

Customer since

01 July 1986


The project at a glance


  • Mercedes-Benz Truck App as a mobile solution for Daimler Truck's salespeople for 3D offer visualization
  • Development of an iPad app to support Daimler Truck salespeople worldwide based on the initiative and idea of Daimler Truck AG
  • Visualization and selection from thousands of pre-configured vehicles
  • Presentation of the product ranges, creation of demand analysis as well as configuration of technically buildable trucks in an app
  • Creation of results' protocols conveniently transferable to further processing systems
  • Presentation of the trucks in 3D and visualization of various angles
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