Smart Pricing

From configuration to price controlling

It is not uncommon for actual prices to deviate from target prices, as the results of negotiations only become visible in retrospect. Furthermore, prices often differ by segments, regions or even customer groups, and cost increases also lead to distortions.

Thanks to the cooperation between Price Hive from the Steinbeis Sales and Marketing Institute (VMI) and Merlin CPQ, sales, price managers or even controlling can map the entire pricing process and display price optimizations directly when configuring products on a segment-specific basis.

Your advantages with Merlin CPQ and Price Hive

Seamless integration of both solutions

Standardized integration of data from Price Hive into the Merlin CPQ application

Perform segment-specific analysis

Consideration of the respective markets for proposed price increases

Manage cost and price risks more effectively

Show estimated possible price increases during the configuration process

Manage prices seamlessly

Steinbeis VMI's pricing tool Price Hive is a pricing engine for price management along the sales processes. Intelligent and proven algorithms are used to generate suggestions for realizable potential when setting prices.

As a result, action requirements can be derived from the CPQ system in the event of price deviations due to segment- and customer-specific variances from target prices.

The partnership with Merlin CPQ creates a unique synergy - the analyzed price suggestions can be displayed directly in the CPQ system during offer generation and thus price optimizations can be realized.


Continuity from ERP to CPQ Software

Price Hive provides an automated way to extract realized prices from the ERP system and analyze them through proven algorithms. Based on customer-, market- and product-specific factors, accurate price recommendations are generated that can be integrated into Merlin CPQ with a simple click.

While configuring the quote, sales can directly see what prices have been achieved in the past for similar products or options and which ones are recommended. The suggested prices can be adopted as needed or customized within a defined framework to realize the full potential of pricing.

In addition, cost increases or competitive pressures can be effectively managed. After the order is won, the configuration and realized prices are returned to the ERP system to be considered for future analysis. With Price Hive, companies can optimize pricing and strengthen their competitiveness.

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