Agile product modeling


Model your entire product landscape using the agile M.Model manager and create a central knowledge database for your company. Your whole team is always working with the current valid product portfolio. More benefits? Error-free quotes, smart product structures, and slim sales processes.

Module highlights

Added value for your product management

Features at a glance

Powerful. Agile. Scaleable.

A central knowledge database for your company Manage your entire product knowledge including logics and dependencies at one central location - transparent and intuitive. chevron_right
Structure complex product landscapes Unitize and structure your product landscape custom-fit to your requirements. A clear product structure is the basis for your success. chevron_right
Standard connectors to import data Quickly and easily import article data from third-party systems, such as CRM or ERP systems, into your modeling software. chevron_right
Automatic logic check for sets of rules Practical support during modeling: you can identify faulty product combinations by using the automatic logic check. chevron_right
Test sets of rules immediately Benefit from agile modeling: easily adjust your set of rules anytime and check new rules in real time. chevron_right
Model templates, images, and texts Create document templates for your sales team. Deposit images and texts for corresponding quotes. chevron_right
Graphic or tabular rule modeling Customized to your needs: you can choose whether you want to graphically model your set of rules or use the tabular rule modeling functions. chevron_right
Manage logics and dependencies Store all technical and sales rules at one central location - transparent and accessible to defined permission groups. chevron_right
Flexible options for price calculation Whether you want it simple or complex: design your custom calculations. For example, you can adopt your price tables from third-party systems. chevron_right

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